As Charles C.W. Cooke so deftly argued today, David Hogg’s youth shouldn’t make him immune from criticism. Hogg has been caught — repeatedly — spreading misinformation and outright lies. But for some in the media who support the agenda Hogg is pushing, even just pointing out his mistakes constitutes an attack. Hasan Piker, one of Cenk Uygur’s fellow “Young Turks,” certainly believes that:

Sorry … “lose their minds”?

Oh, we certainly believe Hasan was screaming.

Gotta love Hasan sounding off about free speech when he clearly doesn’t understand what free speech is.

That’s certainly Hasan’s view. He’s entitled to that view. And we’re entitled to the view that he has no clue what he’s talking about.

David Hogg is not immune to criticism … but Hasan is evidently immune to logic.

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