The New York Times’ Farhad Manjoo was among those confused by the snippet from Michael Wolff’s new book claiming that Donald Trump thought that the “gorilla channel” is a thing.  That snippet, of course, was an obvious parody, but for a while there, Manjoo wasn’t sure:

Now that he knows it’s a fake, he has a humble request from you people:

What a killjoy.

Exactly. And Real Journalists™ like those at the NYT push fake news all the time. At least this fake news had comedic value.

Why should the public be deprived of something so wonderful just because tools like Eric Garland are too dumb to recognize a joke when they see it?


Farhad Manjoo can avert his eyes if he wants. But we’re not about to stop sharing comedy gold to appease his delicate journalistic sensibilities.

And hey, speaking of hilarious:

El. Oh. El.