As Twitchy told you yesterday, a new Gallup poll puts failed presidential candidate and all-around failed human being Hillary Clinton at a new approval rating low: 36 percent.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza seems to think this news is puzzling for some reason:

Why, indeed? Cillizza details four theories:

1. The 2016 race has never really ended

2. Clinton isn’t sorry

3. She is the last Republican boogeyman

4. We’re still too close to it all

You may have noticed that only one of those theories puts any shred of responsibility on Hillary. Funny, that.

And yet, despite Cillizza’s reluctance to blame Hillary for her being unlikable, Hillary’s minions are still pissed with him:

LOL, yeah, that’s Cillizza, all right. GOP ass kisser!

Well, anyway, if Chris is still looking to solve the mystery of why Hillary’s so loathed by so many Americans, here are a few more theories for him.

All of the above sound about right.