It’s not easy being Hillary Clinton. Like, it’s bad enough that Disney plopped a wig on her and turned her into Donald Trump. And then on top of that, there’s this:

More from Gallup:

Since losing to Trump, Clinton’s favorable ratings have not improved, in contrast to what has happened for other recent losing presidential candidates. In fact, her image has gotten worse in recent months as Democratic leaders, political observers and Clinton herself have attempted to explain how she lost an election that she was expected to win.

Maybe people are tired of her blaming everyone else for her miserable failure? Or:

There has also been renewed discussion of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s handling of past sexual harassment charges made against Bill Clinton in light of heightened public concern about workplace behavior.

Could be. More:

Many political experts, and likely the Clintons themselves, thought Bill and Hillary Clinton would be residing in the White House in 2017. But Hillary Clinton’s surprise defeat in the 2016 election ended their careers as elected officials. The year away from politics has not caused Americans to view either in a more positive light; in fact, the opposite has occurred with Bill Clinton’s ratings the worst in 16 years and Hillary Clinton’s the worst Gallup has measured to date.


Because schadenfreude is one of life’s greatest pleasures?

And what a shame that is.

Don’t worry, Hillary. There’s still time for you to turn this thing around!