As Twitchy told you, Glenn Thrush has joined the increasingly less exclusive club of media personalities who can’t keep their hands to themselves. In Thrush’s case, not only is there hard evidence (no pun intended) that he did what he was accused of, but he’s apologized and suggested that he’s done things over the past several years that he’s “ashamed of”:

So, now that Thrush has been suspended from the New York Times, will MSNBC — where he’s worked as a contributor since May — follow suit?

Well, MSNBC’s gotta think about it:

More from The Hill:

An MSNBC spokesperson tells The Hill the network will await the outcome of the New York Times investigation into sexual harassment allegations against White House correspondent Glenn Thrush before making any decisions on the journalist.

Thrush, 50, was signed by the network on May 1 as a contributor.”We’re awaiting the outcome of the Times’ investigation. He currently has no scheduled appearances,” reads the statement from MSNBC.

Wow. Way to step up, MSNBC.

Exit idea:

That’s the ticket!