As Twitchy told you, in a stunning and shameful decision, a military judge ruled that Bowe Bergdahl — whose desertion directly resulted in the deaths of six soldiers as well as the injuries of others — would essentially get off with a slap on the wrist.

This afternoon, Donald Trump weighed in on the decision:

Regardless of how you feel about Donald Trump as person, in this case, he’s absolutely right. Especially considering the judge’s motivations:

More from ABC News:

One of the mitigating factors in his sentencing were disparaging comments by President Trump as a candidate and while in office. [Col. Jeffrey R. Nance] ruled Monday that while Bergdahl can get a fair trial despite the remarks, he would consider them in his sentencing.

As a candidate, Trump denounced Bergdahl and the Obama administration’s agreement to get him back from the Taliban. On Oct. 16, 2015, for example, Trump called him “a rotten traitor” and suggested he should be shot or dropped from an airplane.

Even those comments were seen by Nance as “unlawful command influence,” writing in his ruling, “The plain meaning of the president’s words to any reasonable hearer could be that in spite of knowing that he should not comment on the pending sentencing in this case, he wanted to make sure that everyone remembered what he really thinks should happen to the accused.”

The judge’s decision was blatantly political. In order to stick it to the president, he chose to spit on the memories of the men who gave their lives looking for Bergdahl. Shame on him.



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