While pretty much the entire world is smacking Matt Lauer around over his recent opinion piece impugning Ronan Farrow’s journalistic credibility, CNN’s Brian Stelter is keeping things professional:

That’s all you’ve got to say, Brian? You’re usually so much more … opinionated.

Asked … and answered:

One of the biggest.

In that case, Brian, why don’t you make it a little clearer where you stand on Lauer? You’ve always got stuff to say about other people. What makes Lauer so special?

In a nutshell.

So reliable, it hurts.

Hey, Brian did write a book focusing heavily on Lauer! Weird.

Fortunately, CNN’s already got Spencer’s contact info.

Only one thing can possibly make this better (read: worse):

CNN gonna CNN.



‘All I’ll say on this’: Ronan Farrow responds to Matt Lauer’s piece shaming his #MeToo reporting