AOC’s really on a roll lately. Not only is she telling workers to stay home from their jobs once they’re able to return to work — and defending that terrible advice with lies — but she’s still trying to gaslight us about COVID19 relief.

AOC retweeted all of those, by the way. What she failed to tweet was that she’s completely full of it.

Holding her mask during that tantrum is by far the least offensive thing about that display.

Meanwhile, Shake Shack’s CEO said he’d be returning the $10 million the company received in PPP loans. Apparently a rich CEO cares more about the people who actually need the money than AOC does.

AOC can’t even turn it off for one damn minute.

AOC doesn’t give a crap about the people who are hurting. She’s just looking for the next opportunity to showcase her dishonest theatrics.




Another AOC bogeyman bites the dust.

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