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'HOLY S**T': Sen. John Kennedy reads directly from banned books and LOL the LOOK on LGBTQ faces (watch)

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

You guys have to see this for yourselves.

Senator John Kennedy never fails to make waves and today is no exception. The good senator from Louisiana decided to read some excerpts from 'Banned Books' that Democrats complain about being 'banned'.


This is wild.

Note, this is also very adult and NSFW so if you are at work or at school PLEASE be advised this is ... dirty.



About those banned books, Democrats. Shall we get honest about them yet OR do you want to continue pretending it's racist or something else stupid to make yourselves feel better.

Those words are disturbing coming from anyone's mouth.

And Democrats want them in public school libraries.

When people show you who they really are, believe them.




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We corrected Kennedy's state to Louisiana. Thanks for the help! - sj


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