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'Former trans kid' Chloe Cole SCHOOLS Neil deGrasse Tyson for defending Woke gender studies (watch)

(Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

We did not have Neil deGrasse Tyson beclowns himself defending woke gender studies on our Bingo card for this week but you know, nothing really should really surprise us anymore. Ok, that's not true, if Joe Biden admitted he lied about even just ONE THING that might surprise us. Might. 


But Neil nuking what was left of his credibility? 

Not surprised really. Sort of puzzled as to why he felt the need to inject himself into this particular argument but not surprised.

Watch this insanity:



Please, no pictures of yourself in makeup. Please.

Enter Chloe Cole:

What she said.

So much.

There are two sexes ... lots of personalities.

Neil could learn a thing or FIVE from her. But we're pretty sure he won't be listening to what she has to say anytime soon.

That is WAAAAY nicer than the word we have for him.



There were still people who respected Neil? Huh. Who knew?

C'mon, 55% at least.




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