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DAMNING FOIA request receipts PROVE how much the CDC worked with teacher's unions to shut down schools

The CDC cared more about politics than our health.

C’mon, we always knew that (it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize Randi Weingarten is a public sector union boil on the butt of humanity), but when you see it happening in texts and emails … just out in the open? Like, they never thought we’d catch on?



The Fairfax County Parents Association is the group responsible for putting in the FOIA request and school-choice bada*s, Corey DeAngelis helped amplify what they found in a thread.

Take a look:




And why do you guys think that wording changed? Because the teacher’s unions wanted to keep using the virus to control education and hold the classroom hostage for political gain, power, and of course, money.

All roads eventually lead to President Pudding Pop.


This is the parent group who got it DONE, their timeline is worth a look-see and a follow, especially if you’re a parent.


Thank you, FRIEND.


Told you, infuriating.

No wonder Walensky bolted.



Joe Scarborough claims Biden has gotten more done than ANY president since Reagan and HOO boy

Why lie? I just want to keep giving Democrats/Lefties/Progs the middle finger

LOL-AWKWARD: Liz Cheney SO sadly meaningless now journos forget it was WYOMING that fired her


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