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Jesse Kelly's thread of COVID hardships is why we'll NEVER forget/forgive what they did to 'protect us'

The people who ruined so many lives over COVID now want us to forgive and forget.

You know, you’d think the people who spent years lecturing us about vaccines, and masks, going so far as to wish serious illness, lack of medical care, and DEATH even on us all would know better than to ask us to forgive, forget, and move on.


Hey, they were just scared and didn’t know any better or something.

And they want us to accept that, be the bigger people, and let it go … oddly, right before the midterms.

YEAH, not happening.

Jesse Kelly put a thread together of people’s COVID hardships and they are absolutely heartbreaking and infuriating. Every singe public health official, elected official, and union head/teacher should have to read every one of them and APOLOGIZE.

But we know they won’t.

Take a gander.


No words.


Oh, but it does matter.

On. The. Phone.

Pissed yet?

Keep going.

‘They stole her from us.’

Yes, they did.

What they did to teenagers and their mental health ‘to protect them’ is abhorrent.

It all is.


Just breaks our heart.

People are awful.

And now these same people want us to come together?



So many kids lost out on therapies they needed, even when they were allowed back in the classroom because the masks made it all but impossible for so many of them.

God forbid.

So many missed their entire senior year – what they’d been working toward for YEARS.

This is a sad and true point as well – so many are STILL scared.


We will never forgive or forget either.

What’s really awful is this thread just goes on and on and on and on – a reminder of why we should absolutely NOT ‘forgive and forget’ and move on. The idea that anyone would even SUGGEST such a thing is beyond infuriating.


People lost so much over a virus with a 99% survival rate.

And knowing so much of it was for political gain for one party … no words.



Lefty Twitter erupts in #FreeMollyJongFast tag accusing Elon Musk of suppressing her and LOL

No big deal, just US troops on the ground (sorta like boots on the ground?) in Ukraine

Calm down TDS-afflicted Lefties, here’s Trump’s ACTUAL statement on Elon Musk buying Twitter


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