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Whoopi Goldberg calls Meghan Markle OUT for whining about being objectified on 'Deal Or No Deal' and DAMN (watch)

It’s so rare that Whoopi Goldberg actually makes sense these days so when it happens we feel like we really need to cover it. Often we’re writing about her saying something stupid … this time, she’s spot on. Granted, her comments about Meghan Markle whining about being objectified on a show SHE CHOSE TO WORK ON pissed off a bunch of people on the Left (how dare she be honest with and about MEGHAN!), but we are giving her props for having the courage to say it.


Clearly, she had to know it wasn’t going to be popular.


Joy Behar babbling about how it’s men running the shows and pretty women holding suitcases or turning letters … Sunny complaining that more big women aren’t on these shows, THAT’S what we expect to see on this dumpster fire. But Whoopi being brutally honest about Meghan’s desperation to play the victim?

Booyah. Oh, we fully expect her to walk her comments back now that the Markle-hoard is all in a tizzy with her.

But we hope she doesn’t let comments like these make her change her mind or position.

Behar whined about sexism.

Then again, Behar whines nonstop so we suppose he could have missed it.


Didn’t expect what? The truth?


Now they’re just bein’ mean.

Funny how quickly the Left turns on one of their own when they don’t fall in line.

If we rolled our eyes back in our heads any further we’d be able to see Joe Biden babbling about our economy and claiming it’s ‘strong as Hell’.



Whoopi’s position makes total sense.

Meghan’s? Boo flipping hoo.



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