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Just can't QUIT him: David Frum's sad thread claiming Trump-Russia hoax was TOTALLY not a hoax would make #BlueAnon proud

David Frum’s obsession with Trump is just not healthy. We get it, without the ‘bad orange man’ in office these Never Trumpers are really lost and trying desperately to remain relevant but this is just … weird at this point.


Oh, don’t get us wrong, plenty of people inflicted with TDS are gushing all over David and this thread but anyone who has spent any time actually paying attention to the Russian collusion hoax is just pointing and laughing.

The part where the Clinton Campaign paid for the Steele Dossier? That part?

Again, still pretty sure what Hillary did with the dossier is worse. Not to mention her emails were a big deal … granted, the FBI didn’t bother raiding her home but still.

It’s good to be a Democrat.

Hillary literally paid for a false dossier.

He gets that, right?!

He could have been honest about it if he had a D next to his name – sort of like that time Obama and Hillary sold Russia a bunch of uranium.


Dude, none of this stuff proves collusion.

Get a grip.

We’re not holding our breath on this one.

Remember when Adam Schiff was fooled by a DJ who claimed he had naked pictures of Trump?

Good times.


Neo-con scumbag.

Seems accurate.


What else is he gonna do?

Write another moronic piece about dangerous rosaries for The Atantic?



Gotta STING: ‘Trump 93%’ trends as Lefties kick Liz Cheney to the curb in a HUGE WAY now that’s she’s no longer useful to them

REEEE! Lefty RESIST account keeps deleting her anti-Trump/pro-Biden polls every time Biden starts losing (which is a LOT) and BAHAHA

Amanda Carpenter DRAGGED after blaming MAGA for making her and other ‘Repubs of conscience’ vote Democrat in DUMB AF thread


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