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'Caught posting anti-Trump HATE': Julie Kelly's play-by-play thread covering Whitmer kidnapping trial makes the FBI look even shadier

The timing of the Whitmer kidnapping trial couldn’t be WORSE for the FBI.

Just sayin’.

Oh, and big thanks and props to Julie Kelly for being tireless in her coverage of January 6 and the bizarre Whitmer Kidnapping trial. She provided a play-by-play this morning so those of us who can’t stand to sit through it still have an idea of what’s going on.


Take a gander:

A female FBI informant slept in the same hotel and the same bed as Barry Croft, the informant’s target.

Ummm … wow.

Sometimes agents have to play along.


And then the bit about smoking pot???



So it sounds like the group was losing interest and the FBI wanted to keep fanning the flames.

Now, why would they ever do that?


What a sweetie.

Are we reading this correctly? A group that was basically disbanding anyway was kept together by the FBI’s efforts? Really?


And we paid for it?!

We got nothin’.

That this guy’s name is Dick is very fitting.


Ya’ don’t say.

And ugh, that picture of Northam is giving this editor nasty flashbacks.


Only the best indeed.



‘She should get one’! Elizabeth Warren claims everyone tells her they’d vote for her if she ONLY had a penis annnd now we DEAD lol

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ABC guest claims anyone who’s pissed about the FBI’s raid on Trump’s home is a neo-Nazi because Garland is Jewish … say what? (watch)

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