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HOW many ways has Pete Buttigieg failed especially with air travel?! Let this former airline operations mgr.'s BRUTAL thread count the many ways

Almost like Pete Buttigieg sucks at his job.

Oh, who are we kidding … it’s not ‘almost’ like that.

He does suck at his job.

And considering this editor just flew with her family this past week this thread especially hits home.


What a disaster the ‘friendly skies’ really are:

Check this out.

More flights were canceled in the first six months of 22 than all of 21.


Again, this editor just witnessed firsthand what a disaster air travel has become under Biden and especially under Pete ‘Let Them Drive a TESLA’ Buttigieg.

This this this.

The fact we need legislation to make sure people get refunded when their flights are canceled says SO MUCH and ain’t none of it any good.


Two to three YEARS.


So basically this editor should just be glad her whole family made it home.

Of course, he hasn’t.

He’s been too busy being on leave with his new babies and stuff.

Sort of like the Biden administration bragging about gas prices being under $4 when they were under $2 when Biden took office.



In other words, Buttigieg hasn’t done jack or squat.


Gosh, we feel shocked too.



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