Public health officials are proving more and more that they don’t really give a damn about ‘public health’, especially with monkeypox. For some reason, none of them want to really address WHAT, and sorry but WHO, is spreading the latest virus of the day.

Folks, if someone has blisters on their skin, don’t have sex with them.

See, our work here is done … and we did more than any public health official.

Look at this nonsense:

Yes, abstinence WOULD HELP.

But, apparently, we’re not allowed to suggest anyone (especially gay men) go without sex because that’s oppressive or something. Christine Rousselle’s thread on how public health officials are dealing with monkeypox versus what they did to ALL OF US with COVID is pretty damn damning.

Take a gander.

Under COVID restrictions, we couldn’t have funerals.

We couldn’t be with our very sick relatives so many of them were left to die alone.

We couldn’t go to work or to school … we were told to cover our faces and stay SIX FREAKIN’ FEET away from one another.

But they won’t tell gay men to stop going to sex parties because you know, that’s mean or something.

Gosh, you mean someone shouldn’t attend an orgy for a couple of weeks if they have blisters on their skin? THE HORROR.

Key words there … fully clothed.

They’re playing politics because THAT’S what they do.

Have a bunch of blisters on your bod? Don’t have sex.


Because monkeypox is political.

Just like COVID was.

At this point, the only group MORE unpopular than public health officials is the media … and MAYBE Congress.



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