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Sen. Pat Toomey fact-HAMMERS Dems for pretending Republicans blocked PACT Act because they hate vets in receipt-filled thread

Democrats have spent much of the last few days screeching about how little Republicans care about our vets because they BLOCKED the PACT Act. Forget that Democrats filled the damn bill with a bunch of their own agenda spending (no caps for ‘certain positions’ at the VA, funding for colleges, etc.), no no, Republican must HATE vets since they voted against their bill.


They do this all of the time.

To be fair, Republicans do this as well, just not as often as Democrats. Democrats name a bill something like, ‘The Don’t Kick Puppies Act,’ then fill it with stuff like student loan forgiveness and funding for drag-queen story hour at public libraries KNOWING Republicans won’t vote for it so THEN they can say, ‘REPUBLICANS WANT TO KICK PUPPIES.’

So freakin’ predictable. And of course, the media laps it all up with a spoon.

Sen. Pat Toomey called them TF out.

What Republicans should do is form their own, stand-alone bill that funds care for veterans in burn pits and others who have been harmed by chemicals, and make Democrats show their hand. Make them admit they’re holding vets and their care hostage for their own agenda.

See how that goes.

Toomey continued:

Notice nobody is talking about this part.

Gosh, wonder why.


Uh-oh. But then they can’t continue with their BS talking points and ‘REPUBLICANS HATE THE VETS’ rhetoric – they’ll have to put up or shut up and we know they hate that.

Chuckles Schumer promised amendment votes, then didn’t follow through to play politics because HE KNOWS Democrats are in trouble for the midterms and the abortion nonsense isn’t giving them the bump they needed.

So he’ll use our vets as well.

When someone shows you who they really are …



All to ‘SAVE YOU’: Thomas Massie takes Biden admin APART point by infuriating point for what they did to Americans ‘in the name of a virus’

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