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Let. Them. FIGHT: Lefties rage at MSNBC for allowing 'not LEFTY enough' Andrea Mitchell to cover Jan 6th Committee Hearings and BAHAHA

It appears MSNBC has chosen Andrea Mitchell and Katy Tur to cover today’s January 6th Committee Hearings and the Left is none too happy with the raging Leftist network.

Wow, how far gone does someone need to be for Andrea Mitchell and Katy Tur NOT to be Left enough?

Don’t answer that question.

They’re so fussy with MSNBC that it’s trending on Twitter today. We grabbed a handful of the top tweets on the tag.

Two people largely responsible for this mess?

Interesting take.


Imagine someone who actually takes MSNBC seriously complaining about someone ELSE being biased.


Maybe if Andrea frothed a little more at the mouth and thumped her chest a bit?

Oof, these people are freakin’ mean.

So she shouldn’t congratulate someone when they have a new baby? And since she did this person is so enraged they changed the channel.


This person does realize a judge deemed Rachel Maddow as entertainment and not news, right?

Because THAT will be totally better.


Yeah, no.

Ok, we may have actually snort-laughed at this one.


You know this guy is a blast at birthday parties.



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