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Jeryl Bier uses Elie Mystal's CRAZY racist tweet (that's still UP) to DRAG WaPo for suspending Dave Weigel (for retweeting a JOKE)

By now you’d think we’d never be surprised by hypocrisy at these leftist outlets but you know … it still sneaks up on us. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or ignoring social media which would make you a far smarter person than most of us), you’re more than aware of the drama that has been taking place at the Washington Post. From Taylor Lorenz’s hot garbage piece that we’re not sure has ever actually been corrected appropriately to the drama around Felicia Sonmez, the reporters themselves have been the real story.


And you never want that to be the case.

Sonmez complained so much that WaPo suspended David Weigel for RETWEETING A JOKE.

No seriously, that’s it.

Meanwhile, they’re AOK with Elie Mystal calling white people ‘trash.’

Case in point:

Can you imagine if a white pundit had said that about any other race?

Probably at least suspended since you know, they suspended Dave over something far less offensive.

Because of course, it is.


Yeah, the responses to Jeryl about Elie’s tweet are pretty damn awful and a depressing reminder of just who really hates WHO in this country.



Oh TATER, you gonna be ok?! Brian Stelter’s caterwauling over Fox News NOT showing January 6 hearing (circus) does NOT go well

OMG, she’s still going: Twitter bully Felicia Sonmez targets ANOTHER WaPo journo because he called for kindness and professionalism

‘Democracy dies in DRAMA?’ HOO BOY, the ridiculous girl (sorry, WOMAN) drama at WaPo just keeps getting WORSE and worse and ROFL

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