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Walking, talking punchline Jennifer Rubin trips all over herself calling on Biden to attack the Right because unity is counterproductive or something

Has Jennifer Rubin MET Jennifer Rubin?

Jenn must see the writing on the wall for Democrats in November and is desperate for them to try anything and everything at this point to at least save some face. Even a little. But when we’re seeing polls that show seats in districts Biden easily won by 10+ points in DANGER of being flipped … it’s not good.


For Democrats.

It’s GREAT for America.

On that note, we’re not sure attacking the Right MORE will make things any better, especially when it’s not like Biden has gone out of his way to be good to ALL Americans, but hey, whatever floats Jenn’s little sinking boat.

From WaPo (behind the paywall even):

Biden is renowned for his expressions of empathy. But such language feels increasingly inadequate and, frankly, counterproductive in the face of nonstop political outrage.

Renowned? Really?

Oh, Jenn.

Now is the time for precise language. “Forces” are not the problem; one political movement encased within the Republican Party is. “Ultra-MAGA” ideas are not the problem; Republicans spouting anti-American ideas that threaten functional democracy is.

It’s not the plague of “polarization” or “distrust,” some sort of floating miasma, that has darkened our society. Bluntly put, we are in deep trouble because a major party rationalizes both intense selfishness — the refusal to undertake even minor inconveniences such as mask-wearing or gun background checks for others’ protection — and deprivation of others’ rights (to vote, to make intimate decisions about reproduction, to be treated with respect).

Imagine how stupid someone has to be to equate freedom and individual liberty with intense selfishness.


Let us know how that works out, Jenn.

Wow, has Jenn ever been right about anything?


Yikes. LOL

We know she hasn’t, we’re being facetious.



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