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'Don't f*cking THINK so, bro': Blue-check sharing his big plan to 'effectively take weapons' out of people's hands in thread BACKFIRES (pun intended)

We knew there would be pronouns in Jared Petty’s bio before we ever bothered to look. Hey, we had no idea who this fella Twitter verified was until we saw his crazy thread about disarming Americans. It’s not often fascists are so open with their fascism but hey, we’re here for it.


This is something else …

So to start: Effing no to effing all of this.

‘We’re not coming for your weapons,’ say the liars who are clearly coming for our weapons.

Weapons designed to kill people.

Who thinks like that?

You know what, don’t answer that. Weapons are designed to defend lives, not take them. Good ol’ CDC didn’t want to talk about their own study that showed guns protect far more lives than they take so here we are, with millions of people who think like Jared.


He continued about a ‘national committment’:


Normative violence.





Obama’s rhetoric sold SOOOOO many guns.



Yeah, we don’t f*ing think so either.



‘Let me dumb it down for you’: Monica Lewinsky can’t figure out why SHE got a ticket for speeding but BIG SCARY ASSAULT RIFLES are legal and LOL

‘As usual, he looks STUPID’: Jim Acosta’s attempt to pull an AR-15 gotcha with NRA board member (and judge) goes HILARIOUSLY wrong (watch)

‘Dude is like a bazillionaire … and he can’t get an Uber?’ Nancy Pelosi’s hubby reportedly arrested on DUI charges in California

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