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'Just NOT on Virginia #I95, right Kammy'? Kamala Harris' timing on 'getting America moving' tweet COULDN'T be any more tone-deaf

We know Kamala Harris is busy doing … something as the vice president of the United States (what it is we’re still not sure?), but you’d think someone close to her would maybe kinda sorta tell her the timing on her tweet claiming ‘America is moving again’ is really really really bad.


Considering thousands of Virginians haven’t ‘moved’ on I95 for the last DAY now.

The cringe is so real with this woman:

Well, then the law isn’t doing jack or squat because ain’t nobody movin’ on I95 in Virginia.


But don’t worry guys, Ralph said the sun will help them.


This could be said of the entire Biden administration.


If Kamala knew how to read a room she wouldn’t have been one of the most unpopular candidates during the Democratic primary.

Just sayin’.



DEFINITELY one of those #LetsGoBrandon moments –> Biden admin sets yet ANOTHER record and things just keep getting worse and WORSE

Parody account? LOL! Party for Socialism and Liberation pushing Chinese COVID death data to DUNK ON AMERICA does NOT go well

Class is in SESSION: Ted Cruz SCHOOLS ‘revisionist historian’ Nikole Hannah-Jones on basic Civil War history she can’t even get right

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