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About that whole Biden Boom thing ... House Republicans use actual DATA to mock Biden admin's attempt to 'reshape economic coverage'

Wow, this looks even WORSE than we realized for Biden.

It’s easy to see a number like 6.8% and not really get what it means, but when you see it spelled out like this with the actual data it’s no WONDER Biden is trying to get the media to ignore this disaster and pretend he is having some sort of economic boom.


The rental car pricing is insane (and of course, gas):

Gas, utilities, milk, rent …

The only thing Biden is building back is poverty and despair.

House Republicans used this ‘data’ to drop Biden splendidly:


Awww, they really really really don’t want to believe it.

And they want to blame COVID.

Math doesn’t lie.

Ummm … what?


Yes, Joe.

Yes you did.



Gaslighting CLOWN! Ron Klain tries REALLY hard to pretend Biden is making gas prices go down but ain’t NOBODY having any OF it

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‘Time and time again, data proved him RIGHT’: Thread going point-by-point about KICK-A*S job DeSantis did with COVID infuriates his haters (you’ll fist-pump)

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