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'Bring it ON, #FangBanger': Eric Swalwell's attempt at getting all big and bad with parents and the unvaccinated FAILS spectacularly

Eric Swalwell says he’s losing his COVID patience with the unvaccinated.

Yeah, we laughed reading this as well. OH NOES, whatever will we do if the guy who farted on national television and who has been accused of an inappropriate relationship with a Chinese spy has lost his patience with US?!



You’ll see what we mean (try not to laugh too hard):


No. Government and businesses do NOT have the right to discriminate.




We know, Eric is a Democrat and therefore completely uninformed and ridiculously dense about what is and is not a right, but you’d think even a moronic Democrat would know this tweet is not ok.

And then he went after parents.


Oh, shut up, Eric.


Maybe ol’ FangBanger missed it, but those ‘looney carnival barkers’ turned a very blue state like Virginia BRIGHT RED. But hey, go for it, write these parents off and continue to trash them, it only makes them work harder to unseat Democrats.

Like Swalwell.

And what variant exactly are parents responsible for, you repugnant twit?


What he said.



DUDE! You KNOW Chris Cuomo REALLY screwed the pooch trying to help his predator big bro when Rolling Stone is calling him OUT

‘This is CHILD ABUSE’: Photo shows very little kids sitting ‘socially distanced’ and masked while ‘Dr. Jill’ Biden goes maskless

BOOM: Brit Hume dumps ice COLD water on Omicron ghouls pushing LATEST VARIANT to terrify the masses (lookin’ at you, Fauci)


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