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WOW: Glenn Greenwald shares VILE tweet from blue-check attacking Nicki Minaj to show how awful Dems treat other Dems who fall 'out of line'

If you think Democrats/Lefties are horrible to Republicans and people on the Right, you should see how they treat fellow Democrats who dare fall out of line or step with their precious party. Take, for example, Nicki Minaj openly questioning the vaccine and encouraging people to do their research and CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES …


Hey, if you’d have told us Nicki Minaj would have a bigger set of brass balls than most of the GOP in 2021 we’d have just laughed.

Weird times we’re living in.

Glenn Greenwald was good enough to show just one example of the abuse being heaped on Nicki for what she said about the vaccine:

Look at how they’re treating Nicki …

And how many of them have treated Glenn himself.


Sad, ain’t it?

If a Republican doesn’t like what you have to say, they just ignore you.

If a Democrat doesn’t like what you have to say, they want you silenced, your job lost, your life ruined, and the people who love you to suffer.

Just sayin’.



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