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And there was GREAT rejoicing! Bette Midler suggests Lefty women go on 'sex strike' to fight against TX abortion law and ROFL

Threatening pro-life supporters with a sex-strike because Texans will not tolerate abortion-on-demand any longer may be the funniest and most pathetic damn thing we’ve seen in a while and that’s sayin’ something since we cover Biden for a living.

Bette Midler really thinks abstinence is punishment?


Let’s see.

Most women who are angry about the Texas abortion bill will be of the Leftist persuasion, so Leftist women would be listening to Bette’s suggestion WHICH would likely lead to a drop in abortions. Huh, it’s like she’s doing pro-life’s work FOR THEM.

Thanks, Bette.

She would lose her ever-loving MIND.

What’s left of it, that is.



She was THIS CLOSE to figuring it out.

It’s a win-win, right?


This doesn’t really work for YOUR cause, Bette.



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