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THIS --> Patricia Heaton DROPS harpy-teacher mocking the American flag and telling students to pledge allegiance to pride flag

This teacher, sadly, is far from unique.

We are living in sad and ugly times in this country when a teacher giggles and brags about losing the American Flag (and admitting the flag itself bothered her) and then suggesting her students say the Pledge of Allegiance to the pride flag.


And she admitted ALL of this like it was a good thing on Tik Tok.


She’s so damn amused with herself.

We imagine the parents of the kids in her classroom wouldn’t be quite as amused …

We don’t think she’s funny.

And neither does her school district, apparently:

Not exactly holding our breath that anything will be done with this horrific teacher who teaches English as a second language … we’ll keep an eye on it.

Her Tik Tok account gets worse, of course:


She pledges allegiance to all the queers.

Bless her little heart.

Told you guys, the country is a mess.

Patricia Heaton perhaps said it best:


All day this.





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