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'Bulwark is old German for NARDLESS': Jim Swift's attempt at dragging Charles C.W. Cooke and Glenn Greenwald does NOT end well, like at all

Jim Swift is so tough he screenshots people to quietly drag them for his clapping-seal-like followers. Nothing says you’re conserving conservatism like subtweeting actual conservatives like a scared, little girl.


Case in point:

Nothing wrong with disagreeing with Cooke’s tweet, people disagree all of the time. But screenshotting him and not tagging him? C’mon, man! Even Corn Pop, you know, Biden’s foe, didn’t do that.


Notice, still not a single tag.

Unfortunately for Swift (but fortunately for us), Glenn Greenwald saw the tweets and dropped a big ol’ tweet hammer square on Swift’s head.

Notice here, it’s an actual quote-tweet which means he tagged the nag:

You’d think they’d be out there bragging about how awesome their boy Biden is doing as president.



Ha ha.


Swing and a miss!


That would be Jim, he’s the actual punchline here.



Sorry, but we’ve been informed our betters at the Bulwark are the keepers of all principles.

Oh man, we just cracked ourselves up.

What a day … already!



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