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'FREE-DUMB'. So EDGY! Moe Davis DRAGGED for crap tweet about forcing unvaccinated Americans to stay home (goes on wussy blocking spree)

If you’re not blocked by Moe Davis you’re not doing Twitter … at all, lol.

True story.

You can seriously just disagree with ol’ Moe and he’ll block you before you can even hit send.


Take for example, this edgy tweet where he used the word ‘free-dumb,’ so you know he’s super serious and tough and stuff.

Nothing brings out someone’s inner-fascist more than COVID does.

Hey, at least he’s not bleating on about allowing the unvaccinated to die.


It’s almost as catchy as people who say MAGAT and tRump …

Who are these people?!

Don’t answer that.


So he wants people with doctorates to stay home.




So much for that.



Truth hurts? Sen. Chris Murphy PISSED at CNN and media for not making Biden and Dems look LESS incompetent with #Afghanistan

‘Sexy liberal’ (her words, not ours) blue-check tries making a pro-mask argument by using condoms and LET THE BACKFIRE begin

‘We’re about to ABANDON Americans’: Adam Housley shares DAMNING tweets from former CIA still connected to #Afghanistan in thread

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