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Elitist DOUCHE-NOZZLE --> WaPo journo's bright idea MOCKING unvaccinated Trump-supporters goes oh so VERY wrong

Dude. C’mon.

You know what’s really sad is WaPo op-journo Radley Balko is trying to pretend it’s Trump supporters or conservatives or rednecks or the uneducated who are not getting vaccinated, and that if it’s some conspiracy about a secret cure the government doesn’t want us to know about, that these same people will TAKE THE VACCINE.

Yeah, this is an a-hole tweet from an a-hole journo.

We hate to break it to him (not really), but the majority of people in America who are not vaccinated are people with PhDs.

Not to mention people of color as well.

We suppose his tweet gave him a little tingle down his leg because like the rest of our friendly, Leftist, douchebag blue-checks, he is likely missing the good times of dunking on Trump supporters. Such low-hanging fruit, right?

Luckily, he was dragged pretty well for it:



Oh no, we’re all getting really really really tired of people pretending they’re our betters.

Mocking people and joking about fooling them … what an elitist douche-nozzle.

WaPo is gonna WaPo.

We know.



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