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Monday Morning Meme Madness

YUUUGE --> Congressional preference poll among Independents spells BAD NEWS for Biden (even worse news for Dems)

Team Biden might wanna take a gander at this poll. Just sayin’ because this is a huge shift in only four months.

We knew Biden was sucking wind but we didn’t know it was THIS bad.


And with Independents?


A 15 point shift …

GREAT news for Republicans.

Bad news for Team Biden.

Terrible news for Democrats.

This pleases us, greatly.


Considering how much the media have been trying to pretend Biden’s drop in popularity has been slight and a ‘summer thing’ – this is BRUTAL.

And delicious.

We expect those numbers when asking Republicans, but Independent?



Competence is just one of the things we’re NOT seeing with Biden. We’re also missing cognition, aptitude, leadership. strength …

Yeah, it’s pretty damn bad.

Especially according to THESE poll numbers.



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