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'NO tweet ever aged so badly so quickly ...' James Woods has found perhaps the worst tweet for Biden and #Afghanistan YET

James Woods really found a doozy from Sleepy Joe.

Not specifically about Afghanistan but boy howdy, does it ever make his decisions there look even worse.


Nailed it.

As usual.

We’re SO glad James is tweeting again. True story.

Biden literally did the opposite of EVERYTHING he wrote in that tweet. Then again, we know he’s not writing those tweets so he has no idea what a tool bag he really looks like right now, at least o Twitter. Then again AGAIN, he may not even know Twitter exists, so there’s that.


Ummm …

We didn’t say it.

We did include it in this article.

We did laugh at it.

BUT we didn’t say it.

After he bragged to the WORLD that America is back.


What an unmitigated disaster.




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