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'Interesting messaging ...' You KNOW Fauci's COVID messaging sucks when even Maggie Haberman is starting to question it

Nothing says get vaccinated like the supposed leading viral expert in the country saying the virus we’re fighting could mutate and the vaccine won’t work anyway … but hey, go get that jab.



When we read this all we hear in our heads is, ‘REEEEEEEEEEEEE. THE SKY IS FALLING.’

Seems we’re not the only ones who think his message is stupid.

You know it’s bad when even New York Times’ Maggie Haberman calls it out:

Interesting as in really stupid and sabotaging?


Raise your hand if you’re beyond sick and tired of Fauci.



10 points.

WTG, Sleepy Joe.

And monkeys could fly out of our butts.

This is all so tiresome.

About COVID and most everything else.

Yay, Team Biden!



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