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WHOA: You know this tweet from blue-check harpy Kate Morgan to pregnant white women was REALLY bad if Twitter suspended her for it

If you’ve never heard of Kate Morgan don’t feel bad, this editor hadn’t either until she started writing for Twitchy and saw horrid tweets from this horrid woman. And of course, Twitter in all of their infinite wisdom, verified Kate which means they were AOK with her tweets.


Until this one, apparently.

Kate has been suspended (we were as shocked as you are) and while we can’t say for sure this is the tweet that did it, we’d like to think so. Luckily, Jessica O’Donnell, who happens to be a white woman pregnant with a white baby boy, snagged a screenshot and dropped her:

It’s no coincidence that Kate rhymes with hate.



Annnd we are SHOCKED.

We see a lot of horrible crap in our line of work, and this tweet from Kate is pretty damn horrible.

So horrible in fact that even Twitter suspended her.




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