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THIS! Glenn Greenwald takes Biden's 'Ministry of Truth' APART in brutal thread for openly censoring what they deem 'COVID misinformation'

We don’t know about you guys, but thinking about Biden’s White House picking and choosing what people can and can’t say about COVID and the COVID vaccine makes us feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy, basking in that authoritarianism glow of wannabe communism.



But you knew that.

And seriously, WTF?!?!

Glenn Greenwald’s thread taking apart Biden and his ‘Ministry of Truth’ is a humdinger:

Awww yes, remember when the WHO tried to tell us the virus wouldn’t go from human to human? Good times.

That’s right. If you said Wuhan Virus you were a xenophobe and super racist.

Holy crap, last year was stupid.

Not to mention, at this point, Biden needs to go back and flag his own damn posts.


Pathetic, right?

THIS! If you talk down to people, if you threaten them, if you tell them they’re too stupid to know what’s best for them, they’re never going to listen to you. Politicians, public health officials, and talking heads have really really really screwed this up.

This this this!

I’m vaccinated (sorry for the first person but it’s necessary here). I made the choice to vaccinate because it made sense for me and my particular situation. I don’t expect others to have to follow suit just because; that’s not how this is supposed to work in America.


Ask why.


If the press secretary bragging about limiting people’s ability to speak on ANY topic doesn’t alarm you, you need to wake up.

The ACLU is far too busy making sure boys can use the girl’s bathroom at school if they so choose.


The Biden administration has done everything wrong that could possibly have been done wrong.

Good times.



TX Dem and overall troglodyte Gene Wu threatening Americans AFTER his loser TX Dem pals test positive for COVID goes VERY wrong

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Really REALLY pathetic: White House shares video of Olivia Rodrigo and her ‘man crush’ Fauci reading fan tweets and GAG

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