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We’re certainly not experts on voting laws or voting procedures or any of that important ‘votesy’ stuff but yeah, the segment Tucker Carlson did last night on what happened in Georgia seems pretty damn damning.


Especially the bit about the tens of thousands of people who moved from Georgia counties, who shouldn’t have been able to vote in those counties, and yet they did.

We’ll let Tucker do the heavy lifting here:

You know that face you make when you think to yourself, ‘Holy sh*t, this insanity may not have been as insane as I thought. Kraken or not’?

Yeah, just made that face.

And that’s another thing. If Biden and the Democrats were SO sure their historic election was the most secure in history you think they’d be DARING Republicans to audit them. So they could show them all just how badly Biden really did beat Trump.


They wouldn’t be trying to shut down audits and the guy who won certainly wouldn’t be on Twitter saying, ‘Guys, seriously. I won. And anyone who says otherwise is worse than the Civil War.’

Ok, so we’re paraphrasing there a bit but it was close.

He said, ‘Folks.’

‘Biden ate THREE scoops of ice cream today because he is a TRULY great American.’ — MSNBC probably

And that’s the real issue here.

Plenty of people have been suspicious of the 2020 election for months now (a good chunk of the country doesn’t actually believe Biden even won the election), and this is all well and good from Tucker because it validates what many have been saying BUT the odds of it actually meaning anything remains to be seen.

Our hope is that if there really was fraud here and in the overall 2020 election, this is enough proof to support bills like the one passed in Georgia and the one in Texas that Democrats ran like cowards from, so that this can never ever happen again. So Americans can trust their elections and elected officials.


Wow, that was deep for such an early morning article.


–Editor’s note: We corrected the state of Georgia to a county in Georgia. – sj



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