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TERRIFYING: Independent journo Dina Stars ARRESTED by Cuban state security during actual interview covering protests (watch)

Sure Biden, bureaucrats, Democrats, and media … tell us more about how the protests in Cuba are about the rising cases of COVID and not communism. Because you know, state security always arrests independent journalists over COVID protests.


Folks, this is insanely scary.


You can see the fear in her face, and watching the newscaster?

No words.


The translation of this tweet is as follows: ‘this video must be broadcast on television, so that people can see live how people are kidnapped during the Cuban dictatorship.’

Again, call us crazy, but this doesn’t feel like a bunch of people who want more vaccines.


The translation of this tweet is as follows: ‘Until when will these things continue to happen in #Cuba ,? An abuse with the people, with the press with the people who peacefully ask for a change. No more human rights violations.’


The Cuban ‘protests’ aren’t peaceful and they’re not about any damn vaccine.

Where is Biden?!



Shot (pun intended)/Chaser ALERT: Man, we see a LOT of frauds and phonies on the Twitters but that BroolynDad guy is a DOOZY

WHY WON’T YOU EVIL MEN HIRE ME?! Unemployed journo wannabe shows WHY she’s likely unemployed in ranty, embarrassing thread

Texas Democrat who RAN from his duties acting all big and BAD on Twitter (behind his face diaper) does NOT go well, like at all

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