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'She has been deprogrammed': Thread on Indiana grandma charged with 4 counts (after entering Capitol for 5 minutes) a terrifying must-read

Just put this thread from Julie Kelly into the ‘Holy crap this is terrifying and can’t be real’ column because HOLY CRAP, this is terrifying and it can’t be real.


But sounds like it is all too real.

What is happening to this country?

A GRANDMA, people. Let that sink in. But looting and burning buildings down? That’s AOK.

From HuffPo:

The remedial social studies program that Morgan-Lloyd is following was created by her D.C.-based lawyer, H. Heather Shaner. Defense attorneys in the nation’s capital aren’t exactly a core part of Trump’s political base, as many have made clear in court filings in which they’ve blamed Trump for leading their clients to the edge by convincing them that the 2020 election was stolen. Some private D.C. defense lawyers told HuffPost after Jan. 6 that they were refusing to take Capitol attack cases outright.

Why TF are court-appointed attorneys ‘teaching’ social studies to clients?

Anyone else think this is just a teensy bit effed up?


Maybe if she had just looted a Target, destroyed a statue or two, assaulted a few people, and set some buildings on fire she’d be in the clear.



Because it sure sounds fishy to us.

A GRANDMA stormed the Capitol.

Welcome to ‘everything is officially dumber than 2020.’



Striiiiiiike TWO! Sounds like Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse belongs to yet ANOTHER all-white club and we can’t even make this crap UP

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