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'You work for ME': Mother from Carmel NY absolutely TEARS the school board a new one over Critical Race Theory and HELL YES (watch)

This editor kinda sorta loves this mom.

And the attitude from the school board member correcting her tone? Back off you masked harpy, THIS IS PEACEFUL.

You guys, watch this.


You’ll thank us.

Probably more than once.

Doing a fist-pump right now.

Oh yeah.

But then there’s more.


We need so much more of this, now more than ever. Democrats, Leftists, Progressives, and yes, even Marxists have exploited the ‘pandemic’ for the last year-plus to try and reset so many things in this country, education being one of them. If you believe the teacher’s unions and associations kept our kids out of the classroom to ‘keep them safe’ we’ve got a bridge to sell you.


This mom is pissed off, and rightfully so.


Yeah, we’re in love too.

Parents are pushing back against Critical Race Theory and it’s AWESOME.



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‘Fauci’s days numbered?’ Sen. Rand Paul absolutely LIGHTS Fauci up and rubs salt in the Left’s Fauci wound during interview over released emails (watch)

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