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'A 'journalist' saying this!' Glenn Greenwald DRAGS Julia Ioffe for using historically ignorant fire-theater cliché to justify taking 1st Amendment from Fox News

Glenn Greenwald seems surprised that a member of the media is an authoritarian harpy. Huh.

We’ve been covering Julia Ioffe and her stupid takes for quite a while so we’re hardly surprised she’d like to take the First Amendment protections from other journalists she disagrees with.


We would pay REAL MONEY if just once one of these babbling bubbleheads on the Left who use the ‘fire in a theater’ analogy to champion silencing those they disagree with would do a little research and look up the fact that YOU CAN yell fire in a theater.

It’s worth a Google.

Glenn continued:

It’s gross.



And all too typical.

Speaking of sad.


It’s fine either way but THIS is an exceptional point.

It’s like it?

No, they lost their minds long ago.


Just mean ol’ Fox News.



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