Wait. The guy who was canceled by his own party over an old photograph is worried the ‘woke era’ and cancel culture may be dangerous? Even to Democrats?

Gosh, whoda thunk it?

Oh, that’s right. Everyone who doesn’t have their head up their backside, that’s who.

It’s almost as if Al has experienced cancel culture.


From justthenews.com

Franken, former head writer and performer on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” revealed that he personally knows many comedians who won’t perform on college campuses anymore as a result of cancel culture.

“You used to do pretty sophisticated, edgy stuff that you had to think about, and now anything, anybody who can possibly take offense can find a way to take offense,” Franken said during a discussion moderated by Howard Fineman that was organized by Jews United for Democracy. “And it really is too bad and stultifying for our debate, and it’s not good.”

Franken was asked if it is “dangerous for the Democrats’ prospects if they get painted into a corner like that.”

Franken replied, “Yeah, and there is, you know, there is a part of our party that is, that are those people.”

Part of their party?

Ummm … it’s all on their party.

They empowered cancel culture.

They enabled it.


We feel SHOCKED.

With a spoon.





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