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'CNN, amirite?' Jake Tapper defends pic of masked-up Biden walking through Arlington Nat'l Cemetery and WHOA NELLY that's a lotta backfire

When people talk about the mainstream media being the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party they are usually referring to nonsense like what we’re seeing from them pretending Biden is doing something UNHEARD OF and heroic by bringing our troops home in September.


Trump had planned on pulling the troops from Afghanistan in May and the same mainstream media lost their ever-loving minds when he said it.

Compared to what they’re doing with Biden saying the same … sort of.

Ok, so Wolf Blitzer’s tweet and headline are obnoxious, but Jake Tapper’s follow-up tweet and defense of a strange picture of the president walking through Arlington National Cemetery WEARING A DAMN MASK. What, is he afraid he’ll catch COVID?

Nice press release, Jake.

Sure Team Biden appreciated that.


He thinks WE’RE the gullible ones.

Ding ding ding.

Because we all know COVID is the most contagious when surrounded by a bunch of tombstones.



This IS CNN.





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