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‘Woke signage WON’T save you from the woke mob’: Pic shows biggest woke signage/pandering fail by a business maybe EVER

So either this company hung this sign because they really did want the Black community to think they support them (and racism has no place there) OR they were hoping it would keep the woke mob from destroying their property the next time they decided to riot.

And these are riots, folks, not protests.

Don’t let the media or the Left tell you otherwise.

Guess their sign didn’t work:

Pretending to be ‘woke’ so the mob eats them last … nice try.

Maybe board up next time? Or you know what? GTFO of there.

And isn’t it ironic? Doncha think?

DAMMIT, that song will be in our head all day now.


We know, we shouldn’t laugh but c’mon.

Sorry, this editor is a SUCKER for a good Dean Winchester gif.

Carry on.

It really and truly does.



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