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Yup, THAT'S gonna piss her off! New Trump/Nancy Pelosi meme making the rounds on Twitter almost feels like 2016 again

This Trump meme will make you laugh.

Unless, of course, you’re Nancy Pelosi.

Or one of her vapid followers who supports her in ignoring Americans in need to go after a man for political reasons and nothing more.



We may have giggled a little bit as well.

Ok, you caught us, we laughed a lot.

Mainly because we could see him doing this.

Trump is definitely living rent-free in her Botox-filled head 24/7. She was SO MAD after they acquitted him but c’mon, did she really think they had a case? They doctored the evidence against him, she had to know that wouldn’t fly.

You know what, never mind, she’s a Democrat and thought they’d get away with it.

And they did not.


Been a while since we had a good one to share.




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