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'Who's going to tell him?' Brit Hume shuts Max Boot DOWN in just 1 tweet for calling on Biden to silence Fox News and 'right-wing media'

Max Boot wants Biden to reinvigorate the FCC to ‘slow the lies and sedition’ from Fox and other right-wing broadcasters. Gotta love those proponents of free speech who literally work in the media, ya’ know?


Especially when they’re as clueless as Max is:

Not sure this is how that works, Max.

Brit Hume was good enough to step in to politely correct Max:


Admit it, you hear Brit’s voice when you read his tweets.

Maybe if Max is going to talk smack about silencing others he should at least know how it works, right?

Not enough puppets and crayons out there to help him understand the Constitution.



We really need to find a new ‘joke lunch’ for losers like Max Boot … surely Hot Pockets have worn out their welcome? Bagel Bites could work. Maybe?

Pretty sure he already knows.

He just doesn’t care.

It’s true.



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