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'A sign of how DEEPLY stupid we all are': Conservative woman takes Yahoo reporter APART for trashing Ben Shapiro over ... zip ties

Zip ties. Really people?

We get it, people fight over stupid crap because it’s 2021 and everything is stupid but c’mon man! This editor was off yesterday and missed the drama around zip ties but apparently since it was a liberal woman who was mocked for asking a stupid question (and yes, there ARE stupid questions) about people really using zip ties it became a whole separate line of outrage. Especially from this yahoo at Yahoo …



People do have zip ties at home. This editor uses them for all sorts of stuff … just sayin’.


This guy needs a hobby.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we’d see China from our house.

Mo Mo, a Conservative chick on Twitter, gave Hunter what-for:


And she hit him again.


If mocking stupid people is unacceptable in polite society this editor is in deep trouble.


What she said.



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