Here we go!

We know you know that we knew that you knew that this was going to happen once folks like Wajahat Ali couldn’t just sit around complaining about Trump all day. That and the Never Trump crew is now desperately trying to prove to their new pals and betters on the Left that they really are useful so they don’t get dumped like so much garbage.

Speaking of garbage, Rick Wilson was on with Joy Reid and did what he always does to make his liberal harpy fan base cheer, he trashed Republicans. Specifically, Matt Gaetz when he called him a ‘whiny b*tch.’ Most of the Left clapped and frothed at the mouth in appreciation for Rick’s edgy commentary, but not Wajahat.

No, he saw this as an opportunity to talk about white privilege.


Good friends ya’ got there, Rick.

Any time someone says something ‘nice’ about another and tags on a ‘but’ you know it’s not good and it is a knock on them.

Does he really want to talk about people getting canceled for wrong-speak? We’ve got a list.

Reza is the same guy who tweeted about punching a high school kid in the face, just FYI.


Calling Gaetz a ‘whiny b*tch’ is refreshing honesty?

Alrighty then, Wajahat. Tell you what, why don’t you and Rick go back to making fun of flyover country on Don Lemon’s crap show where you both had plenty of privilege.



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