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Sleepy Joe, who couldn't get a dozen supporters at rallies, CRANKY with Twitter for not handing over Trump's 10s of MILLIONS of followers

The Biden camp is all sorts of cranky with Twitter because they will not give them the Trump admin’s millions and millions and millions of followers.

They accused Twitter of politicizing a routine transfer of communication.



Sorry Joe, we’re just not that into you.

From CNN:

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team has criticized Twitter’s decision to not allow the millions of followers of the White House Twitter accounts to be automatically retained when the accounts are handed over to the new administration.

“Twitter’s reluctance to transfer millions of followers from the Trump Administration to the Biden Administration unnecessarily politicizes what otherwise should be a routine transfer of communication from one administration to the next,” Biden-Harris transition spokesperson Cameron French told CNN in a statement on Wednesday.

Maybe it’s just us but we’re really really really not interested in following Sleepy Joe so we can watch people write his tweets for him. This editor follows Trump because well … it’s Trump. And whether or not this editor is always thrilled with what he tweets (which to be fair, sometimes she’s not) at least it’s legit Trump.

If we wanted to read a bunch of melodramatic nonsense from Obama lackeys we’d be Democrats.

And braindead.

Same difference.


So maybe Twitter is doing Sleepy Joe a favor?

Deal with it.



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