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'What a PHONY': Megyn Kelly absolutely TORCHES 'woke bully' Debra Messing in 2 tweets and HOT DAMN, she ain't playin'

As Twitchy readers know, Debra Messing is a flaming, frothy-mouthed, hateful harpy from Hell who uses rape and the LGBTQ community to attack people she disagrees with. Sure, she tried to explain why her disgusting jab at Trump being a rape victim in prison wasn’t about disrespecting rape or the gay community BUT it didn’t exactly go over all that well and in fact, it only made things worse for the has-been D-lister.


Megyn Kelly was good enough to level her.


Phony. Woke bully.

Yup, she’s spot on.

And then Megyn shared this tweet from an actual gay man who was raped, Chad Felix Greene:

Here is his tweet. It breaks this editor’s heart.





We could go on … no seriously, we have a kick-a*s thesaurus and could go on and on but you’d probably get bored at some point.

Let’s just say she sucks and move on.

Embrace the power of AND.

Nice tag.

And yes.



Indeed it is.



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